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Health care

Real Floors blend safety and comfort by providing non-slipping, high-performance, and advanced textile composite flooring solutions. Professional craftsmanship from experts provide products that are engineered to satisfy distinct living spaces. We provide strong foundations for enhanced living and healing environments for both independent and assisted living. Our flooring products are advanced enough to provide a foundation for skilled nursing, Alzheimer’s, and memory care facilities.

Hospitality flooring

At Real Floors, we’ve long believed that good design boosts a company’s performance. Visually treating your clients will assist you in providing your visitors with a world-class memorable experience. We provide the greatest flooring options for the business industry that are stylish, resilient, and pleasing to the eye. We assist you in creating a foundation that is commensurate with your efficient operations and business reputation.


At Real Floors, we improve your company’s working environment with better design and a stronger focus on well-being. We have a plethora of flooring options to meet the changing needs of the workplace. By providing you with high-quality solutions and elegant design, we turn your offices into a second home.


The demands and wants of education are evolving at all levels. It is critical to embrace the beautiful sophisticated and bright interiors to make the place an experience for both students and instructors. This can bring in the finest and brightest students and faculty members. Real Floors makes it simple to set up the floors of educational spaces too. We design floors that are resilient and versatile while yet offering a great learning environment, all while remaining within your budget.

Real Estate flooring

In the real estate industry, you must be astute in presenting an offer that is current, adaptable, and well within your budget. Real Floors is the proper spot to cater for them. We understand your requirements and meet them. We make certain that you receive the finest possible service from us and that you find the ideal option for your rental purposes.


Real Floors is well-versed in public contracts and provides the best services while keeping expenses down. Buildings and procedures of the government are no more a hindrance. We provide the best without sacrificing quality. We provide durable, easy-to-maintain, sustainable, and aesthetically appealing floors to meet your needs.

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