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Getting to know the products beforehand is very crucial for any project. With our Elaborate and personalized team, we make your selection process simple and easy. Asking and getting all your doubts cleared is our first priority as we understand that we as a team are working on building you a home.

To make the initial stage of the project easier, there are a few questions that you should be answering before deciding on the products that you choose.

We’ll help you regarding all processes from selection to installation & after-sale service.
During the consultation our aim is to discuss all your options

Real Floors at the initial stage will provide you with a simple guide that will help you in understanding your wants and needs better. Your doubts regarding all the processes till installation and further servicing along with your trouble to find the correct option will all be cleared at this point of consultation.

You will be equipped with an installation guide that will help you in understanding the company’s installation to the service process.

We at Real Floors help you with making the right decisions for your home floors. From Budgeting to laying the floors at your home, we have a team of experienced flooring professionals working alongside you, providing you with suggestions that will help you with the best outcome.

We provide you with samples of your choice to take home and view. We have a set of tips that you can follow in checking the samples at your home. you have the option to cross-check it in different situations and light conditions at your home.

With so many options available the selection process can be time-consuming and hectic. We help with personalized consulting sessions that will help in choosing the right option for your home. The installation guide will have a detailed set of options with its most realistic views and near to precise rates.

Free home consultation & measuring service